Bintell renewable bitumen is produced from like manure, sewage sludge, verge grass, source separate organic residues, agricultural waste and others. Typically the dry matter content varies between 15 and 50%, which enhances the flexibility of the operation and bitumen economics.

The core of our technology is based on Hydro Thermal Liquefaction or HTL. HTL mimics the naturally occurring geological process that converts organic residues to oil, coal and gas under high pressure and increased temperature. The Bintell HTL reactor technology is essentially a high pressure co(o)ker.

The Bintell HTL process yields 4 products: bio bitumen, biochar, biogas and water. These products can be infinitely reused in the biogenic cycle, without exploitation and exhaustion of valuable fossil resources like oil, coal or natural gas.

Bintell offers several distinctive advantages:

  1. Bintell HTL conversion is completed within a matter of hours, while the geological process lasts up to 300 million years
  2. Bintell HTL allows dedicated optimisation of various process parameters to yield engineered products
  3. Bintell HTL is a multi-feedstock technology, which essentially disrupts the traditional lock up of bitumen to a single source (oil)
  4. Bintell HTL is based on short cycle organic residues, which reduces the carbon footprint of the bitumen and other products.

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