Bintell-Asphalt-Binder (BAB)

Bintell has developed a technology to make a high‑quality raw material for building roads from organic waste such as manure: Bintell-Asphalt-Binder (BAB).

We can make a Bio-Based-Binder which can replace fossil-based bitumen in asphalt.

We have succeeded in making a wide range of different types of asphalt-binders. We demonstrated that BAB shows very high similarity with nowadays used fossil based binders (bitumen) in terms of material properties. The visco-elastic properties of BAB are widely adjustable in terms of rheological properties, weather & water resistance etc.. This can be achieved (a.o.) by changing:

  • the type of raw material which we put into our reactors;
  • the reactor settings;
  • the downstream process parameters.

Our binders were tested by road construction companies in The Netherlands.