Bitumen is a high-quality raw material that is amongst others used for road construction (asphalt) and roof coverings (roofing). The bitumen used for this applications are now made from petroleum. However, as petroleum becomes more and more difficult to extract and because of deeper wells, etc., bitumen quality has changed. Moreover, oil companies are increasingly focusing on producing only fuel fossil and almost no bitumen. To summarize: fossil bitumen is becoming scarcer every year and quality is decreasing.

This is the main reason why the construction industry is looking for alternatives. An important starting position of the construction industry is to become less and less dependent on fossil raw materials and to strive for not only a more sustainable but also a circular construction chain.

Bintell offers knowhow, to turn problematic organic waste into a high‑quality raw material for high‑quality applications in construction materials. We are able to adapt the properties of Engineered Bio-based-Bitumen to the wishes of the customer. We can tune material properties such as rheological behaviour, melting behaviour, fatigue behaviour, adhesion and flow behaviour, by changing process parameters and/or by adjusting the composition of the raw materials (input).

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